Chestnut Pharmacy is conveniently located on Chestnut Ave, Carcroft and we offer a wide range of in store services.

You can be assured – we have a commitment to excellence when it comes to the level of care we provide

Medicines Use Review (MURs)

In Chestnut Pharmacy our Pharmacists are highly trained and skilled healthcare professionals who have a particular expertise and knowledge associated with your prescribed medications.

If you have any questions about the prescription you're taking pop into Chestnut Pharmacy for our FREE Medicine check service.

We provide our customers with free advice on every aspect of their prescribed medication requirements:

  • The safety of medication during pregnancy and breast-feeding
  • The side effects of medication and what to do if a customer experiences side effects
  • Whether tablets or capsules can be crushed, broken or opened to make them easier to take
  • When to take and when not to take medication
  • Driving and operating machinery when taking certain medications
  • Whether all of a customer's different medication can be taken together at the same time
  • What to do if a dose is missed

Weight Management

Regular weighing in conjunction with a wide range of products including Celebrity Slim, Alli and many more weight loss products.

A link to the repeat prescription consent form is provided below.

Blood Pressure Testing

We now provide Blood Pressure Testing in-store for customers who want or need to have their blood pressure checked.

Travel medicine

Travel medication advice is available in the Pharmacy some vaccinations are compulsory for travel into some countries while some vaccinations should be taken over a period of time.

Ostomy & Appliance

We now provide Blood Pressure Testing in-store for customers who want or need to have their blood pressure checked. Ostomy appliances are available instore for men and women, ask the pharmacy team on your next visit.

Flu Vaccincation

Are you worried about Flu and you don't qualify for a Flu Jab from your doctor, then book an appointment as soon as possible. Anyone and everyone can catch flu. Vaccination isn't just about keeping free from flu , it's also about protecting those around you too, who may be at risk of developing serious complications from it.

New Medicines Service

If you have been prescribed a new medicine by the hospital or doctor then we will discuss any concerns you have, and refer you back to the doctor if you experience any problems whilst taking the medicines.

Emergency Contraception

Chestnut Pharmacy offers a confidential emergency contraceptive service, which allows you to obtain the ‘morning after pill’ without seeking a Doctors consultation.

Stop Smoking Service

Giving up smoking can be one of the toughest things you will ever do. Chestnut Pharmacy offers guidance and advice for a smoke free life.

Wound Care

Chestnut Pharmacy offers a wound care prescription service.

Prescription Delivery Service

The prescription delivery system is available to customers whom are housebound or elderly or have difficulty getting to the pharmacy within a 10 mile radius.

For more information, contact us at Chestnut Pharmacy by phoning 01302 723723.